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Universal coupling

The universal joint uses the characteristics of its mechanism to make the two shafts not on the same axis, and the two shafts connected can be continuously rotated when the axis angle exists, and the torque and movement can be reliably transmitted. In normal operation, it plays a very important role in ensuring the normal operation of production, but the cost of universal couplings is not low, so we need to maintain and maintain them in time when using universal couplings.

Routine maintenance of universal coupling 1: Lubricate and replenish the universal coupling regularly. During continuous production of universal joints, the bearing of the cross shaft is lubricated once a month, while the spline shaft is lubricated once every three months.

Daily maintenance of universal couplings 2: When using universal couplings, you need to pay attention to whether the universal couplings can work normally. Whether there is abnormal noise, whether the screws are fastened, whether the bolts are loose, etc., need to be carefully checked.

Routine maintenance of universal coupling 3: During work and operation, it is necessary to observe whether the universal coupling has abnormal radial swing and bearing heating. It is found that these phenomena must be repaired in time.

Routine maintenance of universal coupling four: the universal coupling is regularly inspected and repaired, and some damaged parts are replaced in time. Long-term overload use should be avoided to avoid operation accidents.

The daily maintenance and maintenance of universal couplings will help us save a lot of costs and help us solve many problems. There are more fresh information about universal couplings, and we will update them regularly.