Safe use of coupling缩略图

Coupling is the intermediate connecting part of each movement mechanism. It has a direct impact on the normal operation of each movement mechanism. Therefore, you must pay attention to:

① The coupling is not allowed to have more than the specified shaft center line skew and radial displacement, so as not to affect its transmission performance.

②The bolts of the Lingsi coupling must not be loose or damaged.

③Gear couplings and Oldham couplings should be lubricated regularly, and grease should be added once every 2 to 3 months to avoid severe wear of gear teeth and serious consequences.

④The contact length of gear coupling tooth width shall not be less than 70%; its axial movement shall not be greater than 5mm.

Safe use of coupling插图

⑤ The coupling is not allowed to have cracks, if there is a crack, it needs to be replaced (it can be knocked with a small hammer, judged according to the sound).

⑥The keys of Lingsi couplings should be closely matched and not loose.

⑦The tooth thickness of the gear coupling is worn out. When the lifting mechanism exceeds 15% of the original tooth thickness, when the operating mechanism exceeds 25%, it should be scrapped. If there is a broken tooth, it should also be scrapped.

⑧ If the elastic ring of the pin coupling and the sealing ring of the gear coupling are damaged and aging, please pay attention to timely replacement.