What are the reasons why the universal coupling cannot be filled with oil?缩略图

Universal coupling is a transmission output shaft and final drive input shaft in different straight lines. Even if the angle and distance between the two shafts are changed, the power can be transmitted. In the maintenance of the universal coupling, it is very important to ensure the lubrication of the universal coupling. What should I do if I can’t add oil to the coupling?

What are the reasons why the universal coupling cannot be filled with oil?插图
Universal coupling
  1. Whether the oil filling hole is blocked. If the grease nipple is smashed into the hexagonal deformation or the oil nipple is rusted, etc., the oil circuit will be blocked. At this time, the grease nipple should be replaced in time. Weicheng Wanxiang reminds you that you must keep the interface around the interface clean during the replacement process and prevent the machine from mixing with impurities, dust and sand.
  2. Insufficient intake pressure of grease gun. High-pressure oil injector is an oil injection equipment powered by compressed air. It uses the action of a pump to generate high pressure in the oil, and then uses high pressure to inject oil. Pay attention to starting the air compressor before use, and prepare compressed air of about 0.6 MPa.
  3. It is not suitable to add grease. The working principle of grease is that the thickening agent keeps the oil in the position where it needs to be lubricated. When there is a load, the thickening agent can release the oil to play a lubricating effect.
  4. Did the operator make a misjudgment? Why do workers make a misjudgment that they can’t get the oil in some cases? For example, the oil delivery volume of a common pneumatic high-pressure oil injection machine is about 0.85L/min. For the SWC350 cross shaft assembly mentioned in the article, the bearing cavity is filled with oil, and the contract is 6.85s. At the same time, considering the factory pre-filling The daily oil retention capacity, etc., the actual oil filling time is about 3-5s